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Mixacation 1.1

2012-07-26 20:33:28 by ChildPlayFlashFilms

Mixacation is coming out TODAY! July 26! The animation gets better though out the flash because i was just learning. So watch it out! Review it! Rate It! Watch it!
Child Play Out!


2012-06-25 14:18:31 by ChildPlayFlashFilms

Mixation Coming out in three days! July 29! i hope you like it. Its my first flash animation.
lazyboyyr2000 AKA Anthony help me write a skits and i got some audio from the flash portal. Hope you like it!
Im working on the transitions right now.
See you on later!
Child Play Out!


2012-06-20 17:52:36 by ChildPlayFlashFilms

Hey Everybody My name is Jake and I make flash animation films!
My username is ChildplayFlashFilms. I'm also on Youtube and my name on youtube is TheHaloshotgun.
I look foward to being loved and hated by all of you, I can take.
I have been in the film business since I was about 5. what got me really inspired is the famous Knox or on youtube knoxskorner1.
I would watch his videos 24/7.
I hope to here from all of you in the future.
My big flash animation's release date is July 29, 2012
So check it when it comes out!